• ArtPI - The Art API

    The first public API designed and optimized for art

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    Using ArtPI to discover trends in the art world

  • Search Art

    Search your own collection privately, or search online museum collections

    The ArtPI search engine uses AI and deep learning models trained on over 1 Million images of art. ArtPI is aware of the concepts of style, genre, subject matter, composition, space, light, color, and other elements and principles of art.

    ArtPI allows users to search their own collections or search a large collection of artworks in major museums available in the public domain.

  • Recognize Art

    ArtPI provides the ability to recognize and predict the artist, the style, the subject, as well as assessing the formal elements such as compositional lines, lighting, space, and search for comparable art.

    ArtPI visual search finds exact matches under large variety of deformations, for example images taken by cell phones.

  • Art Recommendation


    • Visual search tailored for art
    • Visual recognition and prediction of artist, style, genre, and formal elements
    • Visual recommendations for art 
  • Testimonials

    “we thought this part was going to be our toughest challenge of the project, but … it turned out to be one of the most seamless. The similarity results were so good they were too good” -- The Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia, USA.

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