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  • Our Vision

    We believe that Artificial Intelligence can provide unique and unprecedented solutions that help artists, galleries, and collectors worldwide achieving their aspirations.


    The key feature of our innovation is the ability to quantify aesthetic concepts that for long-time were believed to be subjective. Based mainly on visual analytics, our models were shown to be able to predict style changes and trends in historical data. In an art market that is worth more that 64 billion dollars, where the mass of that market is art bought as investment, comes the need for data-analytics tools that assert the potential value of art.

  • Solutions

    ArtPI - The Art API

    Art Potentials

    Finding trends in art that will persist and will have value in the future - Patent Pending Technology

    Artificial Intelligence for attribution and authentication

  • Solutions


    The Art API

    The first art-optimized API that utilizes AI technology to help galleries, collectors, and artists search and browse their collections and navigate through the art world

  • Solutions

    Artificial Intelligence for Attribution and Authentication of art

    Analysis of paintings using artificial intelligence at the stroke level to capture artist's spontaneous unintentional signature in the way strokes are rendered.

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